Next event: Monday 20th October 2014, 7:30pm at the Royal Oak, Spital Street Dartford

What is ‘Dartford Natters’? 

It’s an informal and free event to enable local, like minded people who know each other through social media to meet.  There’s no format nor any pressure to sell yourself – just come along and see what happens!

These events (the #dartfordtweetup) started running on a monthly basis in September 2013, and was organised by Nick Buckley (@grimbold), a business consultant and trainer who specialises in the use of social media not only for businesses, but also for local community-driven initiatives.

The success of the #dartfordtweetup was in the diversity of the people that came along to share their time and ideas.  Businesspeople, artists, writers, councillors, and other local citizens have all created a useful monthly event, in which ideas (including this website) were discussed, new contacts were made, and most importantly, were really good fun.

In September 2014, Nick decided that the label needed to change, to reflect a broader invitation to Dartford’s online communities, and to avoid any specific association to Twitter users.  So the phrase ‘Dartford Natters’ replaced #dartfordtweetup, but the aims of the event remain the same:

  • Get to know each other! A common complaint is that communities are breaking down, as fewer people know and understand their neighbours.
  • Discuss local current affairs, or wider current affairs having an impact on Dartford.  There’s not much we can do about the nation’s economy, but conjoined ideas at a local level can lead to good ideas and initiatives being shared.
  • Make new contacts – The town is rich in skilled, and highly driven people.  Events such as Dartford Natters provide a helpful insight into what’s happening in the town, and more importantly, who is making it happen.

Everybody’s welcome – if you’d like an email invite to Dartford Natters, please fill out the form below.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

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