Fresh local talent wanted for the Dartford Festival 2015 – Plans are underway for this year’s Dartford Festival and Dartford Borough Council are looking for music acts and local dance schools and groups to appear on the main stage. Singers, bands and dance groups will be given the chance to show off their talents at this year’s Festival. Representatives from Dartford Youth Council will be getting involved again this year, helping to shortlist the lucky performers.  Further details from 

The draft minutes of the meeting of DBC’s Cabinet on 22 January have recently been published.  Selected items from the agenda included:

Development of the Station Quarter, the Former Co-operative Store (Hythe Street) Site & the Kent Road Former Westgate Car Park The matters discussed included the possible relocation of the Civic Centre Members then referred to the proposed relocation of the Civic Centre and suggested that a business case should be prepared to outline the advantages and potential savings that could be made by moving to a new Town Centre site so that it can be seen to make commercial sense to the Borough’s Council Tax payers.  The Chairman noted how the Council had become focused on the provision of essential services to residents over the last 10 years and how staffing numbers had slowly been reduced during that time.  He said that this had enabled them to avoid Council Tax rises and meant that a move to smaller, more energy efficient, premises would the logical thing to do and would be in the Council Tax payers’ interest.  Members also felt that a move to the Town Centre would make it more accessible to those visiting the town.  It was also noted that the intention to offer a guaranteed user for a third of the redeveloped former Co-op site would hopefully act as an encouragement to potential developers.’ 

Town Centre Discretionary Rate Relief Scheme – This included the advice that there were 28 empty properties which could potentially benefit from the scheme at a maximum cost to the Council of £26,090.

Corporate Plan 2014 – 2017 – This included ‘The Chairman referred to the concerns and criticisms that had been raised by members of the opposition party at the Cabinet Advisory Panel, and on the Internet, and said that he would personally write to the Shadow Leader and invite him to propose new priorities, objectives and targets.  These would then be considered and the resourcing implications assessed, and, if they were thought to be appropriate, would be presented to the next Cabinet meeting for consideration.’

The agenda has been published for the meeting of DBC’s Crime and Disorder (Overview and Scrutiny) Committee on Wednesday 11 February.  The meeting is scheduled to receive a joint address by Mrs Ann Barnes, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and Mr Paul Brandon, Deputy Chief Constable (DCC) Kent Police regarding a ‘Joint Vision for Policing in Kent’.

The agenda has been published for the meeting of the Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley Health and Wellbeing Board on Wednesday 11 February



Wednesday 4th February – Dartford News and Tweets, Part 1 

Editorial: Dartford Matters response to Dartford UKIP (including added comments)

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Andy Clark is retired after a long career at Lloyds Register and subsequently the Civil Service. He has lived in Dartford for his entire life.

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  1. Andy Clark Reply

    I have not seen any definite dates announced. I have seen a rumoured date of May 2015 for Aldi’s opening but this has not been confirmed.

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