Are Kent County Council set to agree permission for an aggregates recycling facility at Manor Way, Swanscombe?  The planning application is set to be considered at the Planning Applications Committee meeting on Wednesday 21 January.  Officers are recommending approval be given to a temporary five year planning permission, although there are a number of conditions (page 40 of this document).  In this document, there are objections from Dartford Borough Council, Swanscombe and Greenhithe Town Council and Gravesham Borough Council.

As reported in our update yesterday, Stone Parish Council have announced that a new youth activity centre for Scouting and Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme activities to be built in Stone will be named after murdered schoolgirl Claire Tiltman.  Further details from Stone Parish Council

Gravesham Borough Council have acknowledged that their website ‘really isn’t up to scratch and that’s why we know we need to make it better‘.  In relation to Dartford Borough Council’s website, do you feel that the same applies?

Keeping your business safe from fire could be easier than you think –

Essential guide to: Kent’s London Paramount Resort –

Further coverage of the ‘alleged UKIP Dartford’ letter –

The draft minutes from Dartford Borough Council’s Policy Overview Committee meeting on 16 December.  This meeting included items on Pharmacy Services, Healthy Living Centre Dartford, Dartford Preventative Health Locality Projects Annual Report 2013/14 and Social Media.

Editor’s comments: Following the Policy Overview Committee’s meeting in September, we published an article relating to ‘Task Group on Town Centre Improvements’.  One of the questions raised in this article was ‘Has the report from The Town Centre Team already been published and circulated to Task Group members?  If so, will this also be made public between now and the next Policy Overview Committee meeting?’  We now have the answer: ‘the report on the Town Centre initiatives being progressed by the Town Team was not yet available for review.’  Perhaps, the recently proposed Lowfield Street Group should have any terms of reference extended to cover the Town Centre as well.  It seems that the Town Team and the Policy Overview Committee Task Group are both in need of additional help.  The next Policy Overview Committee meeting is scheduled for the 10 March; this is the last scheduled meeting before the Borough elections in May.


Saturday 21 February – Stargazing at the Orchards Shopping Centre.  Crayford Manor Astronomical Society Dartford present lectures, ‘how to’ advice sessions and more.



Tuesday 13th January – Dartford News and Tweets


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Andy Clark is retired after a long career at Lloyds Register and subsequently the Civil Service. He has lived in Dartford for his entire life.

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  1. Richey Estcourt Reply

    The DBC website does need a makeover. ‘less is more’ often works on the web.

    I’m dead impressed by Stone PC’s website and social media programme. I hope they get wider national recognition for setting a great example of public authority web comms.

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