One of the weekly checks we carry out is to visit the websites of the Parish and Town Councils in the Borough to see if there is any information or if there are any stories which may be of interest to a wider audience.  During the last week, three different Parish Councils carried stories of residents in their areas being presented with a Dartfordian Award.

Bean Parish Council reported that Ashley Johnson had recently received this award for his services to the community of Bean; Darenth Parish Council advised that local businessman, Sam Islam, of The Green Spice Restaurant, had received this award for his services to charity; and Southfleet Parish Council announced that Noreen Salway, Chair of the Parish Council, was honoured in a similar fashion for her services to the community of Southfleet.

So what actually is a Dartfordian Award?  A quick check on Dartford Borough Council’s website reveals that the Award was launched in 2010 in recognition of the people who make the Borough what it is.  In the past people have been asked to nominate a local hero (or heroine) – be it an individual or person connected with a group, charity or business, who give of their time to help the community or has made an outstanding contribution to Dartford.  As Leader of the Council, Jeremy Kite, explains ‘The Award really is open to any Dartfordian who puts more into our town than they take out’.

Unfortunately, DBC don’t appear to want to actively publicise all of the previous recipients of the Dartfordian Award; in fact the website shows that this page has not been updated since 19 February.  So all credit to the Parish Councils mentioned above, for publicising those recently honoured.  Perhaps DBC should find room on their website to include a Roll of Honour to reflect the achievements of these local people who have put more into our town than they have taken out.

A quick search around the internet has revealed several more worthy recipients of the Dartfordian Award in the past; this search also revealed one person who suggested that they should actually be nominated.  So until DBC sees fit to include a Roll of Honour, below is the Dartford Matters ‘Roll of Honour for recipients of the Dartfordian Award’.  This is obviously nowhere near the complete list; if you know of any other recipients, please get in touch with us (with a link to the story, if possible) and we will add them below.

Thank you to all of these heroes and heroines for making our Borough a better place.


Bill Archer, Dave Skinner and Tony Burman – (2011) for services to Dartford Football Club.

Arrow Riding Centre – (2011) providing specialist physiotherapy for disabled people in the area.

Pam and Alan Colls (Dartford Folk Club) – (2013) for service to music and the community.

Kim Cooper – (2011) nominated for 30 years working for the community and representing Dartford in different meetings in Kent, including the Kent Partnership Board.

Adam Gemili – (2012) for services to sport and the community.

Sam Islam – (2014) for services to charity.

Ashley Johnson – (2014) for services to the community of Bean.

William Mundy – (2011) for services to beekeeping.

Noreen Salway (2014) – for services to the community of Southfleet.

Gurvinder Sandher (2011) – for his work around promoting community cohesion in the Borough.

Angie and Eddie Ward (2014) – for transforming a community space in Greenhithe.


About the author

Andy Clark is retired after a long career at Lloyds Register and subsequently the Civil Service. He has lived in Dartford for his entire life.

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