Further to our post last week summarising the agenda for tonight’s meeting of the Joint Transportation Board, here are a few brief points covered at the meeting.  The draft minutes will be available and posted on Dartford Borough Council’s website in due course.


  • There are still ongoing discussions between Kent County Council, Arriva and Prologis regarding replacement of vehicles.
  • At present, the existing stock is scheduled to be replaced during Spring 2015.
  • The vehicles will be of a similar type and seating capacity.
  • The only real difference will be that they will be ‘emissions friendly’ and there will be a better Wifi system.
  • The long running repair work to Ingress Park Avenue is scheduled to be completed within the next two weeks.
  • Although not specifically on the agenda, no member raised any points or issues regarding the service issues mentioned in our previous post.

Flooding issues around the Borough

  • Bob Dunn Way – the temporary pump is still in situ; KCC are awaiting confirmation from Thames Water regarding approval to share a sewer.  Although this temporary pump had failed once previously, this issue was resolved. There is now no need to implement a lane closure to refuel this pump.
  • There was concern about the time taken to finalise this matter.  The KCC representative confirmed that KCC were ready to complete the project in October but this has been delayed awaiting Thames Water’s approval.
  • The KCC representative confirmed that all finances were in place and ringfenced.
  • Milton Street, Swanscombe – there had been serious issues found at this location but the work would be carried out this month.
  • Hawley Road and Stanhope Road – reports were still awaited but would be expedited and at present KCC did not know the full extent of work required.  However  assurances were given that the necessary funding was in place and would not be taken away.
  • There was a degree of criticism aimed at KCC for the delays and the frustrations these have caused to residents.

Pavement Parking

  • It was confirmed that, apart from in the London Boroughs, there were, at present, no powers to ban pavement parking.  Apparently, both the Living Streets and Guide Dogs for the Blind organisations are pressing for a change in legislation.
  • Traffic Regulations Orders and yellow lines can be used in areas where parking is deemed to be dangerous.
  • It was not clear how DBC would proceed with this topic.

Colney Road and Cranford Road

  • Yellow lines have been applied at the Colney Road and Waid Close junction.  The installation in Cranford Road is scheduled for this week.

Gully Cleansing

  • This item was glossed over and, again, it was not clear how or if this matter would be progressed in the future.

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Andy Clark is retired after a long career at Lloyds Register and subsequently the Civil Service. He has lived in Dartford for his entire life.

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