The agenda for the Cabinet Advisory Panel meeting on Monday 1 December, reporting to the full Cabinet on Thursday 4 December has been published.  Selected agenda items include:-

Policy on the Disposal of Surplus & Underused Land & Property Owned by the Council

Dartford Development Policies Plan & Overall Programme – part of the recommendations on this topic include ‘that the Draft Dartford Development Policies Local Plan, attached at Appendix A, be approved for public consultation purposes  and that the Head of Regeneration be granted delegated authority to make presentational and non-material amendments to Appendix A in order to publish it for public consultation’.

Assuming this is agreed by these meetings, public consultation is planned to start in December 2014 for a period of seven weeks (in excess of the minimum requirement). This will be accompanied by:

- Consultation documents appended to this report; also supported by evidence documents to include: an overall justification against existing policy, studies complementing the current evidence base, and factual information on the legal Duty to Cooperate between public bodies.

- Publicity and general information on how to respond via the Council’s website, contacting several hundred identified consultees, and a flyer outlining the consultation.

- Targeting of local representative groups/ attendance at their meetings e.g. parish councils; and liaison on proposed designations likely to be interest (such as open spaces and local shops) to both residents, organisations in the Borough and relevant landowners.

Policing in Kent – A Consultation - this includes a draft reply to the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner’s consultation regarding the Police and Crime Plan.

Local Scheme of Support for Council Tax

Dartford Marshes – this includes details of a recent study that has been carried out into future maintenance and enhancement options for the Dartford Marshes.  One particular paragraph details the initial works recommended:-

The initial works recommended from the study are the formation of a number of pathways of varying widths, the construction of a number of raised viewing mounds, the formation of glade areas for informal activities, the removal of rubbish and dumping, the provision of signage and the formation of better boundaries.  These works will all show a better managed and looked after site and make it more welcoming and accessible.  These works will be carried out on Council owned land only.  Other works such as the restoration of the orchard and the allotments and the creation of a car park may become possible in time’.

There is also the suggestion that there could be a possibility for the  construction of a bridge across the River Darent to enable the continuation of the cycle route along the south of the Thames which forms the north of the Marshes.


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Andy Clark is retired after a long career at Lloyds Register and subsequently the Civil Service. He has lived in Dartford for his entire life.

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