Next Tuesday (2 December), the Joint Transportation Board are set to meet and on the agenda are several items which have cropped up at various times on articles published on this site.

The terms of reference for this Committee include ‘to be a forum for consultation between Kent County Council and the Borough Council on policies, plans and strategies related to highways, road traffic and public transport’.  It is made up of Councillors from DBC, the KCC Councillors representing the Borough and a representative of the Parish/Town Councils.

Update regarding Fastrack – Officers from the Kent County Council Transport Integration Team will be present to give an update on Fast Track, and the progress in the procurement programme for new vehicles.  As can be seen from the minutes of the previous JTB Meeting, paragraph 25, ‘Members expressed concern that apart from some minor details reported at item 22 relating to repairs to the road surface and the renovation of bus stops, there was no information relating to the Fastrack service’.  Also, ‘unfortunately a report on Fastrack was not presented for this meeting and Members expressed surprise at this especially bearing in mind the ongoing procurement process for replacement vehicles, and the impact that expansion of the network would have on the growing housing developments in the Borough’.  I have certainly seen recently, on social media, a rise in complaints about the service of Fastrack; particularly these relate to delays to services and incorrect or misleading information being displayed at bus stops.  It is not clear whether these issues will be included in the update or will feature in Members’ questions.

Flood Response Plan – Bob Dunn Way – This also includes an update on other areas of the Borough where flooding issues have occurred.

Bob Dunn Way – installation of a new pumping station to alleviate flooding in the vicinity of the Marsh Street roundabout.  Currently awaiting confirmation of the specification for the interceptor – this is a condition of the connection into the Thames Water surface water sewer.  A temporary pump is in place and has been for most of the year. This is being regularly serviced and functioning well as an interim solution until the permanent pump and connection are installed.  DBC and residents of The Bridge Development will be informed once a start of works date has been agreed.

Milton Street, Swanscombe – liaising with the Town Council with a view to starting the pond clearance in December.  The additional work will follow.

Hawley Road, Dartford – investigation and repair of drainage system.  Investigation completed on 10 November.  Awaiting crew report and repair works to follow.

Stanhope Road, Swanscombe – investigation and repair of drainage system.  Investigation completed on 10 November.  Awaiting crew report and repair works to follow.

Pavement Parking – a verbal update to be provided.  This was covered in the minutes of the last meeting (item 26); also we provided more information on this subject in an article in September.

Verbal update on Colney Road, Dartford , parking restrictions and Cranford Road, Dartford, parking issues.

Gully Cleansing Criteria – This three page document lays out KCC’s priorities (including photographic examples) regarding gully cleansing priorities.  This appears to be somewhat at odds with information provided on KCC’s website which suggests the following:-

We clean drains regularly. How often we clean the drains varies depending on where they are’.

Flood routes Roads known to flood frequently Every 6 months
High speed roads Roads with a speed limit of 70mph Every 6 months
Strategic routes Roads that are the main connection between towns and villages Every 12 months
Urban and rural routes All other roads Every 18 to 24 months

Highways Works Programme 2014 / 2015

Highways Improvement Schemes

Road Works in the Borough of Dartford

If anyone has any comments or concerns regarding any of the above matters, now may be an opportune time to raise these with your local KCC Councillor.


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Andy Clark is retired after a long career at Lloyds Register and subsequently the Civil Service. He has lived in Dartford for his entire life.

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