Yesterday, we published an article covering Kent’s Try Angle Awards ‘Swanscombe Youngster Wins Kent’s Try Angle Award 2014’.  Kent County Council have now published a comprehensive report of the event.  Here are Jack Merritt and Sam Hubbard’s stories:-

Jack’s attendance at school became poor; he was finding it difficult to cope at home and at school. He would build up frustrations and over time fell behind at school, this only made his situation worse and with his behaviour faced exclusion from school.  Jack realizing that he needed to turn his life around set about working really hard to improve, he engaged in professional help. It was through this help that it was identified Jack had a learning difficulty, this had been undiagnosed previously so it was evident that Jack had not been receiving the support that he needed to really thrive and a cause of many of his frustrations.  Both Jack’s attendance and behaviour improved, this was through Jack’s sheer determination, resilience and hard-work. He began to improve in all aspects of school and to improve his grades, his attendance improved greatly and finally Jack was able to gain the respect and rightful recognition of all those around him.  Jack has gained a multitude of skills and is not only a fantastic chef but also a skilled games designer and he has been busy producing videos for the internet with great flair and creativity. Jack is young man who has shown amazing courage in turning his life around and is a well worthy spirit finalist today.

Jack MerrittJack Merritt, 16, from Swanscombe with Sean Kearns, Chief Executive CXK.

Sam was nominated by his friend Kaleem because he felt Sam’s intervention with a complete stranger in need, helped her out and may even have saved her life.  Dartford Grammar School pupil Sam saw Debbie Stiff shopping with her husband Gary when she got stuck in a sunken paving slab in Market Street. Her wheelchair tipped up and she was thrown to the ground.  Sam saw this and although he knew not to move her he made sure that she was as comfortable as possible and gave her his blazer to keep her warm.  He also made sure that the emergency services were called and talked to her in order to keep her spirits up until they arrived.

Sam HubbardSam Hubbard, 16, from Dartford with Kent Fire and Rescue Service’s Mike Pitney.


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Andy Clark is retired after a long career at Lloyds Register and subsequently the Civil Service. He has lived in Dartford for his entire life.

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