The Government yesterday published the final annual results for local authority collected waste and management figures for England.  These datasets contain the annual results for local authority collected waste in England including:

  • England and the regions data downloads for April 2000 to March 2014
  • local council data downloads from April 2005 to March 2014
  • household recycling by material type April 1996 to March 2010

These figures show that Dartford Borough Council’s recycling rate has fallen during the last year (April 2013 – March 2014).  The table below lists the figures for last year, with a comparison for the previous year.

2013-14 2012-13
Household – total waste tonnes 35,668 35,186
Household – waste not sent for recycling 26,174 25,682
Household – waste sent for recycling/composting/reuse 9,494 9,504
Household dry recycling/reuse (tonnes) 8,198 7,754
Household green recycling/reuse (tonnes) 1,296 1,750
Percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting (Ex NI192) 26.62% 27.01%
Ranking (out of 352) 328th 324th

These figures come as a surprise as our article in June reported that DBC’s Scrutiny Committee had been told in February of this year that:

  • Recycling levels in Dartford had increased from 27% to 31% following the Swap Scheme, meeting the proposed target increase of 5%
  • Total weekly tonnage of refuse collected was down 8%, with the percentage of recycled rubbish within the overall weekly refuse collection up by 18%
  • The Recycling Promotions Officer  was at the midpoint of a fixed two year contract funded by the DCLG. She would be focussing her future efforts post Swap Scheme implementation on educating and encouraging Dartford residents to recycle more effectively.  A new Council recycling guide for residents was proposed to this effect.

Bearing in mind that the national recycling rate is at 43.5%, Dartford is falling well short of this figure.  Whilst the people of Dartford need to do better if this rate is to improve, the proposed recycling guide should now be a priority, along with other measures.

Recycling Bin

About the author

Andy Clark is retired after a long career at Lloyds Register and subsequently the Civil Service. He has lived in Dartford for his entire life.

2 comments on “Dartford’s Recycling Figures Show No Improvement”

  1. Keith Kelly Reply

    Hi Andy, if I can make a couple of comments regarding the recycling rates. The financial year for the rates is 2013/14. The Big Bin Swap occurred at the end of 2013 and the figures reflect 8 months of a 25% recycling rate and 4 months at 30% giving an average of 27%. You may also want to note that across the country as a whole, recycling rates are slightly down on last year. I personally am very pleased with the bin swap and I am sure that next years recycling rates will reflect that.

  2. Andy Clark Reply

    Thanks for this – I hope you are right regarding next year’s figures but there is a long way to go before reaching the national average, especially if a recycling rate of 30 per cent is still only being achieved after the Big Bin Swap.
    I would be interested to know what plans DBC has to try and raise this figure. Also, what any other candidates/parties preparing to stand for election next year would propose.

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