“Hello, lovely to see you.”

Warm smiles, and a glass of red wine.

I’ve not been to an art exhibition before, I’m not sure what I expected, but this wasn’t it.

Art has always seemed somewhat unapproachable to me. It’s discussed amongst people that ‘truly understand it’. In huge, clinically white galleries.  If I’m honest I was even a little nervous about attending this event.

Following a brief chat with some of the contributors and visitors, Andy and I starting looking at some of the art displayed.

“I’m sure that’s Brooklands Lake… And that painting over there is Dartford Heath.”

‘Yes, I think you’re right.’

I found myself wandering around; looking, thinking, appreciating.

There is a wide range of art displayed; photography, landscapes, portraits, abstract, and surreal scenes, created by many local artists. Yet somehow it ties together.

Dartford Arts Network aims to engage with the local community and celebrate the rich heritage and cultural value of the town.

And with this exhibition they have done just that. They have made their art approachable, complementary yet completely varied. Most of all they have created an environment that is warm, familiar, and inviting to the inexperienced.

I recommend you get down to The Peter Blake Gallery in Dartford Library to take a look at this exhibition by Dartford Arts Network, it’s on until the 26th November.  You won’t be disappointed.


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About the author

Mike Harrison is an inventor and engineer. He lives in Dartford with his wife and two children.

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