B258 High Road, Wilmington, junction with Common Lane – roadworks are due to start today (until Monday 17 November).  Multi-way signals will be in force and advise delays are likely.

Timetable set out for Dartford Crossing toll booth removal – With the launch of Dart Charge set for 30 November, more details have been announced about how the Dartford Crossing payment booths will be removed.  Work to remove the booths and improve the road layout on approach to the crossing will begin on Friday 28 November, the same weekend the new payment arrangements go live.  Further details from

A Facebook group has been set up for rail users in the Borough of Dartford, whether you use Southeastern for your regular commute, or for occasional use.  The plan is to gather thoughts, feedback, and ideas, and regularly make this available, or present this, to Southeastern management.  The group can be found at Dartford Rail Travellers Association; there is also an associated Twitter account @DartfordRailTA

Coverage  of the Claire Tiltman trial, Wednesday and Thursday –

Man seriously injured falling off bridge over A2 – coverage from and

Dartford FC’s FA Cup tie at Bradford City will now be played on Sunday 7 December which means that the game will be featured as part of the BBC’s Final Score programme. Ticket details from  Dartford FC’s Dave Skinner’s reaction to the FA Cup draw –

FA Youth Cup result (Wednesday) Dartford U18s 3 Thamesmead U18s 4


Monday 17 November – Dartford Natters at The Royal Oak. ‘Above all this is a social event. There will be politics, because that’s what happens when you talk about something you care about. But there isn’t an excess of Politics. Occasionally we may make something happen, but our ambition is just to meet, be welcoming and open-minded, and see what happens’.  If you are interested, further details can be seen here.  Also, there is a page on our site giving the background.

Saturday 6 December –  Candlelight Nativity and Christmas Fayre at St Peter and St Pauls Church Centre, Swanscombe.  ‘Come along and meet the animals of Artisan Animal Centre’.

Monday 22 and Tuesday  23 December – Christmas Sports Camps at Becket Sports Centre.  Monday is cricket, football and general sport; Tuesday is specialist cricket training.


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Andy Clark is retired after a long career at Lloyds Register and subsequently the Civil Service. He has lived in Dartford for his entire life.

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