Yesterday we published two articles, the first of which Reaction to Dartford Borough Council’s Press Release – ‘Tesco’s Treatment of Dartford included tweets from Councillors from both of the main parties and comments from members of the public.

 Shortly after this article was published we received a response from the Dartford Labour Group Press Release From Dartford Labour Group – Town Centre.

 Today we are publishing details of some further tweets and another selection of comments posted on Dartford Living’s Facebook page reacting to Dartford Labour Group’s response.

Still no response on Labours Plan B and alternative..Im not a Labour supporter, and think the Tory government is awful, but you cant deny the good things the Local Council has done for the town..

I doubt it would be any different if it was labour, as money in your pocket seems to get big people/companies exactly what they want.  I think the towns people know what they want but again it will all be down too someone getting a nice payout and sod what the town folk actually want!

Dartford is s total disgrace . I’m ashamed to say I live in dartford these days . Instead of idle promises someone needs to pull there finger out …

How thrilling. Another load of platitudes to go with the tory platitudes from yesterday. Gosh… how my platitude collection is growing. Election fever is here folks…. gird your loins for the torrent of meaningless, disingenuous old rhetoric that you are going to be swamped with for the next few months. Trust none of them… they will say anything to get your vote

Conveniently they have forgotten to mention what labours plans are in this press release. Just used it to bad mouth the conservatives

So what exactly is plan B??? Instead of using this opportunity to show the town what labour WILL do, all they’ve done is told us what the conservatives didn’t do, which in fairness we already knew, what a complete waste of a platform, it’s no wonder people’s attitudes towards politics are what they are, so disappointing.

This is absolute nonsense, no better plans just have a pop at the opposition. Dartford has been destroyed and Lowfield St is dead, they can hardly ask Richardsons to go back. All parties are to blame, they were lured in by Tesco promises and goodness knows why. It will take years to get back what’s been destroyed by incompetent politicians.

Just more and more pre-general election bullshit from both parties. When will they realise the people of Dartford have had enough of their and Tesco’s crap!

Why the hell don’t you politicians stop all this arguing, pull up your sleeves and save this wonderful town?

Well what a load of BS , no one know what to do with the town ,, other than let it die , the rents are too high in the orchards , so the shops close , the priory is in receivership , and the parking is to expensive to even bother with what is left in the town . The only part of town I go to is Prospect Place , where the parking is free for two hours , and at least there are open shops !!

Got half way through and all I could read was blah blah blah – they are all mouth and no trousers just like every other politician.

Whilst most of these comments were critical, there was some support for the response.

Labour have made it clear via the ‘use it or lose it’ proposal that there would be an alternative. They have also made it clear that they would incorporate the views of its Local electorate. The Tories failed in both respects. Now they are stuck with a corporate bully and can do little about it. Tesco may have approached Labour initially but the Tories got in before discussions had even begun. What is true is that the Tories wanted to destroy the heart of the park and it was a Labour government that listened to the 13, 000 of us who petitioned against it lead by Howard Stoate. It was Labour that stood up to Tory arrogance. Labour have in their press release given you a Plan B. Accept it and vote Labour.

About the author

Andy Clark is retired after a long career at Lloyds Register and subsequently the Civil Service. He has lived in Dartford for his entire life.

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