Dartford Borough Council have published a Notice of Election for the vacant seats in Brent and Littlebrook Wards. These by-elections are scheduled to take place on Thursday 13 November.  From the following tweet, it is assumed that these elections have been called by UKIP, in accordance with the Notice of Vacancies published on dartford.gov.uk

On 7 August, we published an article on Brent Ward which advised that ‘Dartford Conservatives have announced that they will not be petitioning for a by-election for the vacant seat in Brent Ward because of the proximity to the full set of Borough elections next May and to spare the cost of a by-election so close to a scheduled set of elections’.

The details of voting in Brent Ward at the last full set of Dartford Borough Council elections in May 2011 are detailed in our previous article.   The similar details applicable to Littlebrook Ward are quoted below:-

At the last Borough elections in May 2011, the elected Councillors for Littlebrook Ward were:-

John Ivan Muckle – The Labour Party 585 votes

Thomas Anthony Maddison – The Labour Party 504 votes

The other candidates who stood at that time were:-

Julie Ann Ozog – Conservative Party 256 votes

Ragbhir Singh Sandhu – Conservative Party 233 votes

Paul Anthony Wells – English Democrats – “Putting England First!” 226 votes

The turnout at that election was 35.78%

About the author

Andy Clark is retired after a long career at Lloyds Register and subsequently the Civil Service. He has lived in Dartford for his entire life.

1 comment on “Dartford Borough Council: Announcement of by-elections in Brent and Littlebrook Wards”

  1. Keith Kelly Reply

    Hi Andy, I just wanted to express how disappointed I am that these by-elections have been called so close to full elections next year. I feel that they have been called, assuming that UKIP have called it as their tweet suggests, are a direct result of the recent Clacton parliamentary by-election and of course the forth coming in Rochester and Strood. The timing strongly suggests that Dartford UKIP are hoping for popular backwash from the publicity will catapult their candidates into these seats. The Dartford Conservative party discussed the issue at great length with the incumbent councillors and local activists and found no strong demand from local residents for an election. Respect for Nancy Wrightman and the cost so close to a full election being cited among many reasons. The hard work of the current councillors ensures that any issues raised by residents is dealt with in as timely a fashion as possible. Can the thousands of pounds in costs be justified so close to a full election because UKIP may have some political momentum. For me, this is the worse kind of political bandwagon.

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