Shellbank Lane, Bean – emergency road closure to allow BT to access an underground structure.  The road will be closed between 9am and 5pm up until 11 October – from @SGTownCouncil1

Stone Parish Council have confirmed , that following a meeting yesterday between Councillor John Burrell, Chairman of Stone Parish Council , Gareth Johnson MP and representatives of  Network Rail,  it has been agreed to extend the hours that the level crossing at Stone Crossing is manned.  Previously for those passengers alighting the last few trains there was no option to cross back over the tracks towards Stone as the Crossing was not manned late enough for these services.  This meant that the only way to cross the lines at night was to use a dark alleyway some distance from the station itself. Network Rail have now confirmed that the crossing will be manned right through to the last train home seven days a week.  Further information and quotes via Stone Parish Council

Dramatic increase in debt across Bexley, Gravesend and Dartford.  In this article from – according to the debt charity StepChange, in the first six months of this year, the charity reported that it received calls from 791 residents in the Dartford postcode area, who were seeking debt advice from the charity’s helpline.  That was compared to the same period last year, when the helpline only took 610, an increase of 30 percent.  In the first six months of this year, the people of Dartford who contacted the charity owed an average of £13,025 in unsecured debt including credit cards, personal loans and overdrafts.  The figures have been released as part of the charity’s Need to Sleep campaign.  The campaign aims to encourage people to recognise the impact long-term sleeplessness has on their well-being and address the root cause by seeking help with their money problems.  Further details of the services provided can be seen at

Kent Police is urging businesses, particularly retailers and food outlets, to be alert to a scam that could see them tricked out of cash from their till.  Using confusion tactics, confidence tricksters pay for a cheap item with a large note. Whilst the till is open, they then ask the cashier to change an amount of money, then change again.  Each time, money is passed back and forth between the scammer and cashier.  The process causes confusion and the cashier inadvertently hands over more money than they should.  More information has been provided via @kentpolicedart

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