The Dartford Borough Council (Lowfield Street) Compulsory Purchase Order 2013

At a meeting on 7 October 2013, the General Assembly of the Council considered a report which concerned the proposed use of compulsory purchase powers by the Council in order to facilitate the assembly of land necessary to achieve the comprehensive redevelopment of Lowfield Street, Dartford.  It was reported that Members welcomed the development proposals but some frustration was expressed about the length of time it had taken to reach the point where development could begin and the time that properties in Lowfield Street had been empty.

One year on, there still has been no real progress on the development of Lowfield Street and it is not clear whether the developers have been able to purchase all of the land; also there is no evidence that the Compulsory Purchase Order has had to be implemented (see yesterday’s update for the latest position).

Labour Choose Their Candidate For The Parliamentary Election

Dartford Labour selected Simon Thomson as their parliamentary candidate for the next General Election.  Shortly afterwards, Mr Thomson gave his first interview to a fledgling blog called Dartford Matters; that interview can be read here.

One year on, with the General Election just seven months away, we can expect to hear more from Mr Thomson and the other candidates trying to win Dartford for their respective parties.  The other candidates announced to date are Gareth Johnson (Conservative party) Dartford’s current MP and Elizabeth Jones (UKIP).


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Andy Clark is retired after a long career at Lloyds Register and subsequently the Civil Service. He has lived in Dartford for his entire life.

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