LE22-Local-Hero-SpitfireOn this day in 1940, during the Battle of Britain, Sgt. Trevor Oldfield of 92 Sqn Royal Air Force, was shot down and killed over Dartford.

Sgt Oldfield joined the Royal Auxiliary Air Force in 1938, serving first as an aircrafthand, then an armourer, before being recommended for pilot training. He completed his training on Spitfires in early September 1940.

On the morning of 27 September, 92 Squadron were scrambled from their base at Biggin Hill. Whilst over the Canterbury area, Sgt Oldfield shot down a German Me109 fighter. Later that day, before Sgt. Oldfield could sign his combat report, the squadron were scrambled again.

At around 14:45, during combat with German bombers over Dartford, Sgt. Oldfield’s Spitfire fell away from the engagement and crashed into an area on the edge of Hesketh Park and gardens in Canterbury Close.

On the same day in 2007, a memorial stone commissioned by the Shoreham Aircraft Museum was unveiled in Hesketh Park near the place where the aircraft crashed.

Dartford Borough Museum has a collection of eye-witness accounts and artworks relating to this incident. They also have reproduction postcards of ‘Local Hero’, a painting of Sgt. Oldfield’s Spitfire over Dartford by Geoff Nutkins.



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Richey Estcourt is a volunteer with Dartford Litterpickers, Dartford Living and Dartford parkrun, and also a former Special Constable.

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