We’ve created a sister-site to Dartford Matters, called Dartford Snappers.  Although DM features stories, blogs, news digests and interviews etc, we felt that it wasn’t quite hitting the mark in terms of photo-blogs and images.

Sometimes, no narrative is required with a photograph.  They can tell their own story, or let the viewer make one up. Dartford Snappers will be hosting good quality photographs by local photographers for precisely this purpose.  The intention is that, just like Dartford Matters, we feature the views and contributions of other people.

If you’d like to contribute some photos, please use the contact form in the menu above.  We only have a few requirements:

  • The photography must depict a facet of life in Dartford.  It should ideally depict something that is particular to Dartford, such as a scene or an event. A photo of your cat in your living room in Dartford isn’t quite what we have in mind.
  • It must be YOUR photography.  Please don’t take pictures from other sources.
  • It must be GOOD photography.  If your thumb is over the lens, the photo says more about you than it does about Dartford.
  • If possible, please let us know the date of the photograph(s). The idea is to arrange the photo-blogs chronologically, so we can see seasons and places changing and evolving.

That’s all.  We hope you like the site.


About the author

Richey Estcourt is a volunteer with Dartford Litterpickers, Dartford Living and Dartford parkrun, and also a former Special Constable.

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