As part of another new feature, we’ll be detailing one event (maybe two…) each week on our events calendar that due to its potential wider social or cultural impact, really merits everyone visiting at least once.  These are the kinds of events that cause people to say “I’d have gone to that, but I didn’t know about it…”.

The third Friday of each month see a Farmers Market between 10:00 and 14:00 in Dartford High Street.  It is attended by around a dozen local producers, with goods from fresh organic vegetables and bread, to farm meats, cheese, and even fudge.  There is also a large selection of garden plants available.

I wrote about the Farmers Market in April this year, and as it’s the third week in the month, we’ll highlight this event again.  The market still offers excellent, high-quality goods, yet continues to be strangely under-promoted by Dartford Borough Council, when compared to the posters and internet messaging around the town’s other markets.  All of the produce has been grown or made within a 30-mile radius of Dartford, and by local people producers who are not supporting the supermarket supply chain, or introducing automated processes to their food for the sake of efficiency or profit margins.

For working people, it’s a struggle getting to the market during business hours, but if you’re in town on Friday this week, please visit the market and most importantly, spread the word around.


About the author

Richey Estcourt is a volunteer with Dartford Litterpickers, Dartford Living and Dartford parkrun, and also a former Special Constable.

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